The Curious Case of TheBigotBasher vs.

I once had the delight to experience a couple arguing vociferously about which of the 2 of them was the most deaf. For near enough 15 years this had remained unbeaten in my Top 10 Most Pointless arguments. (For those interested, the remaining 9 places were taken up by Ferrari vs Lambourghini, McDonalds vs Burger King, Mac vs PC, Glam vs Sleaze, any argument put forward by radical Christians, every argument put forward by Darwinists, any argument whatsoever about football teams, Facebook vs Bebo and whether men are better then women at fly fishing.

But while searching for a photograph of Alf Garnett to use as a Facebook profile picture I came across an “I’m less bigoted than you” argument.  … If you want an exercise in stupidity, then take a look at

and follow the thread.

On one hand you have TheBigotBasher, apparently a collective of humourless individuals who have appear to have decided decided that everything in the world is basically corrupt, and, some “underground” Che Guevaras labouring under the notion that they can establish political reform in the US through guerilla blogging tactics. Its like the blind fighting the deaf in the No-armed, No-legged Stupid Wars.

The origins of this rather futile battle appears to be that one side has “outed” a member of the other – that is to say they have revealed an actual name on some other generally ignored blog site. The reprisals seem to be to threaten legal action, and to send the boys round with cricket bats. As I was reading the general arseblasts that were masquerading as posts, I was struck with the following observations:

  1. No one cares who you are or what you say. If they did, these people would be employed by the press.
  2. Making political changes requires a degree of testicular (or ovarian) fortitude. Hiding ones real name is a step in the wrong direction here, but never mind eh?
  3. With each claim they validate the other’s points more and more. If’s members’ identities (and I use the term “member” in every way imaginable) really were that secret, denying would be a better course of action than threatening retribution. Just a thought
  4. See point 1 if you’re unclear

TheBigotBasher doesn’t exactly do itself any favours either, somewhat undermining the ethics implied by its own name by using the phrase “mad Islamic State” when referring to what Uganda isn’t!

Now of course this is a transatlantic battle. Bigottwatter is based in the UK, clearly demonstrated by the fact that they talk incessantly about British politics. With surveys showing that close to 60% of Americans are unable to identify France, let alone the UK, on a map, even when it is in the middle with a big GMT line running through the middle of it, its unlikely they would have heard, or care, about what Alistair Campbell thinks about anything.’s name denotes the fact that they are intrigued only with disrupting the politics on Capitol Hill, which of course is where all the decisions are made as to which world leader needs to be eliminated next. Allegedly.

In the unfortunate circumstance that prevents us from putting this collection of impotent name callers in a ring and allowing them to pummel each other with their todgers, I would like offer that the identity of one of the contributors of TheBigotBasher is named Keith Fillyworthy, of 26 Feltcher Street, Leeds, LS6 9QQ. For the sum of £2000 I will be more than happy to name other individuals in a likewise manner, including the lady behind the handle The Pickled Onion King and “Old Man Boobs.”

Blogs like this make me happy. They show that stupidity and overrated ideas of self importance are still alive and well and that thankfully I have less than the global average.


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